MCCP Philosophy

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Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

MCCP provides a program for parents who want their children to receive a God-centered education in which Bible truths and principles are integrated into daily  life and learning.  

We believe that God created each child as a special and unique individual. (Genesis 5:2) Each child should have a well-balanced early-childhood experience that meets the child’s spiritual, cognitive, social/emotional, and physical needs. Through a parent-teacher partnership, each child can achieve his or her full potential in various developmental tasks.

We believe in the importance of PLAY for your child.  Young children learn by observing and doing.  They learn by imitating and asking questions.  We offer many opportunities for your child to learn by working with learning materials in a natural play setting as well as large and small group activities.   

Spiritual Objectives

To lay the foundation for Christ-centered living. To encourage the development of virtuous character in children.

We meet this objective by providing loving and nurturing teachers who model biblical principles, attitudes and virtues. They bring a joy for learning about Jesus to their classrooms by teaching stories from the Bible, singing worship songs and praying with their students.

Cognitive Objectives

To provide children with concrete materials and experiences in the classroom that help develop beginning literacy, language, math, science, and art.

We meet these objectives by reading quality literature that is developmentally appropriate.  We provide toys and materials that motivate children to learn.  For example, the block center promotes learning geometry and other math skills.  Providing magnets and plants in the science/math center allows children to play and practice

Social/Emotional Objectives

To provide a joy–filled classroom that includes laughter, play and exploration and a stress–free and emotionally–safe environment for all children. concepts of physics and biology.  Providing a variety of art and drawing materials promotes pre writing skills.  

Teachers will provide activities such as dramatic play and group games to encourage children to build on imagination, cooperative play, listening, following directions, responsibilities and putting others first.

Physical Objectives

To promote development of large and small muscles. Teachers will provide opportunities for students to practice large muscle skills such as running, skipping, jumping.  They will also provide materials for small muscle development such as small interlocking blocks and scissors.